About Atma adventures

Atma Adventures is/are about meeting you as a woman in whatever role you hold, wherever you are on your journey and helping you discover what it is you need in order to live a more balanced, peaceful and joyful life.  Each trip is an opportunity for personal growth and a time to create a shift in perspective so you may realize a life filled with abundance, trust and self love.


About Carie

“The most satisfying project you will ever undertake – and the mark of a complete human being – is to discover how to build a sense of happiness that no one can take away from you.” Deepak Chopra

This is what Carie set out to do 11 years ago and is the foundation for Atma Adventures. Carie intentionally designs trips for women that combine connection, adventure, and mindfulness to unlock personal growth and transformation.  As part of this experience Carie equips her co-travelers with tools and practices to cultivate and sustain wellbeing in everyday life.  By sharing her knowledge gained over the past eleven years studying with teachers around the world, Carie addresses the many aspects of mind, body and spirit in order to move beyond repetitive patterns and toward a more balanced, peaceful, joyful life. “ We all have varying circumstances but we all desire a life of joy ~ one that is not dependent upon circumstances ~ and we need to understand how to cultivate such a life.”


Why Travel With Us?

Because you want to explore life with new eyes.  Because you want to make space in your life.  Because you are at the point on your journey where you are ready to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.