An Invitation

An Atma Adventure is an invitation to step into the second half of life.  An invitation to challenge the story you have about your limits and the perception of your ability.  We invite you to craft your narrative going forward.  Our purpose is to serve as a guide and companion on your journey to well-being.  We believe every woman should experience joy that breaks the heart open.  We believe every woman possesses great power to cultivate



“Paying attention.  On purpose.  In the present moment.  With non-judgmental awareness”

Mindfulness begins with awareness.  Awareness of our emotions, thoughts and habits.  These all contribute to our well-being.  During our trips we discuss what mindfulness is and how we integrate it into our lives.  We introduce mindful practices throughout the trip and offer a personalized plan post-trip.



We approach yoga not as a prescribed class but as a journey.  A journey for calming the mind, releasing energy and transcending thought.  Yoga is not just a path to feeling good but a path for radical transformation.  Atma yoga comes from the Himalayas and is meant to open your heart and realize your true potential.  To live a life of love, joy and abundance no matter your circumstances.


“Meditation isn’t about getting rid of your thoughts.  It’s about learning how to be at ease with them.”

We begin with the basics and you will see how easy it is to have a regular practice.  We explore various forms of mediation such as guided imagery, thought, nature, breath, yoga nidra, and eastern practices focused on forgiveness, joy and letting go. Travelers who already have an established practice always have the option to meditate on their own.


Transformational Breathwork

Awareness begins with the breath.  The breath is a tool to calm the nervous system and bring clarity to our experiences.  The breath helps us to maintain balance and grace every day.  It provides that pause.  It is through the breath that we transcend emotional triggers and it is the breath that makes every day stressors more manageable.  We teach various techniques that correct restrictive breathing patterns, increase energy level and release stress. But most of all we teach breath that is balanced, steady and transformative.