Riding horseback through the silence of the snow-covered mountains of Montana having the time to reflect, relax, focus could not have been more timely! Thank you Carie, for facilitating an amazing few days full of great conversations, new friendships and great adventures!

Elaine, Atma Adventurer

Deeply restorative and healing environment, beautiful hikes in stunning nature, and genuine connection with other inspiring and authentic women who have become life-long friends - this was exactly what I was desiring and I feel deeply fulfilled after leaving the retreat. I highly recommend Atma Adventures for grounding, connection, and community. (Lizzy)

Lizzy, Atma Adventurer

Carie is a thoughtful facilitator who creates meaningful experiences through yoga, meditation and community. My trip with Atma Adventures was exactly what I needed to feel restored and ready to create again. And I met women who I know will become lifetime friends.

Elizabeth T., Atma Adventurer

My experience with Atma Adventures was an unexpected gift. Being present, honest, and vulnerable was all encouraged which made me happy to be included. The adventure I took part in was in St.George, Utah at the Red Mountain Resorts with an amazing view accompanied by amazing women. My connection with feminine energy strengthened during this trip which provided me with another tool to use in this battle of life that doesn't always require masculine energy. Carrie led the way for us to enlightenment and we all held hands along the way while also taking our individuals journeys. <3

Tyler, Atma Adventurer

Travel has a way of bringing power and love back into your life. Atma provides the opportunity and the setting to allow this to happen. All I had to do was show up. The true gift of the Atma experience is free. It’s coming together and sharing our common experience with like-minded women we may not have otherwise known.

The adventures provided opportunity to periodically step outside of my comfort zone resulting in memories I will treasure forever. 

Atma Adventurer